Helpless is the new book title written by what is labelled as “anti-native” journalist.

The author claims this book to be about how the law has “failed to protect its citizens equally.”

At time of publication of Prof. Marguerite E. Moore’s Title Searching & Conveyancing in Ontario 6th ed. (April 2010), the Registry Act and the Land Titles Act “do not recognize Aboriginal Title or rights claims to be a registerable interest…[making] it extremely difficult to search for and [sic] identity potential Aboriginal claims.” (p. 503, Moore 2010).

This law and this title go hand and hand but if the author is talking about the law failing non-aboriginals, then she is wrong; however if she is talking about Aboriginals being failed by the law, then it is by definition about Aboriginal land claims. It is these laws that continue to marginalize Aboriginals and their reoccuring quest to protect their identity in a country where laws are still in place that put Aboriginals issues and rights in the background of the creation and the foregoing of these types of laws.

Eventually I will get around to reading this book. Eventually I would love to meet with this author and at least talk to her about her experiences. Eventually I would like to change the way people view Aboriginals in Canada, moving away from negative images towards more positive images.

Aboriginals are not anarchists. Aboriginals are not part of nightmares. They are however angry and upset with their rights to land consistently being in jeopardy with the forever existence and new creations of laws.

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