What does the CSF stand for? The CSF stands for the Canadian Social Forum. This is in response to the World Social Forum (for the sake of this blog, I am only going to be focusing on the CSF). To read more about the CSF, click HERE.

Generally speaking, there were some goals that they wanted to address. They want to address “human needs” over “capital and business” needs! I think this is great because in all the awesome businesses and their race to the top with either profit, power, or both… the general human spirit is lost. What I mean by this is that, some businesses are willing to go to great lengths, such as those closing down an entire factory and outsourcing their production, just to save a buck on production and increase profit. Most businesses don’t realize that they do has an impact on society, whether it be a major, 100+ employee business or just a one-man show.

The CSF also mentions that they aspire to “provide the opportunity for debate, discussion, mutual education and ultimately change.” This is all great! However, when groups and individuals meet like this to discuss change and to debate about issues, it is really frustrating when you don’t see anything come out of it (especially when they say “change” and nothing really happens at the closing of the forum–there is no action plan in set).

I proposed an idea to a group here at school where we could kind of motivate Aboriginal youth and bring them together with major businesses for the opportunity to network and discuss some issues that Aboriginals have when facing major businesses/job opportunities. The idea morphed into something not like what I had originally thought of, but that is what is so great about ideas! However, I understand now where one of the persons who opposed the idea is coming from. She stated that she knew there were problems but we need to do something about and just talking about it is not going to change it! When I write this blog and talk about how frustrating it is to not see any change, I agree with her and understand her position now.

What use are these people and forums coming together to debate and discuss what needs to change when nothing happens? Yes, it takes some time for change to happen. Unfortunately, we all know as people what needs to change and what needs to be done, but what we don’t know is what are we going to be doing about! We need to start asking ourselves the question then, “What are we going to do about what needs to change?” The more we start asking a more appropriate question to address such issues that require change the more we will be able to come up with appropriate answers and action plans!

There is a quote that one of my friends says all the time (and I will admit, it annoys me to hear): It is what it is. I asked her what that meant and she explained that there are some things you just can’t do anything about it to change those things. I disagree. My new saying is: It is what it is, and now what are you going to do about it!

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