Childhood Memories

Decided to do a late night post… called Childhood memories. These are some of my memories from childhood, some funny, some not…

  1. My nickname was “Animal” from the muppets (Don’t ask me why because I am not completely sure)
  2. I was also called “Legs” … (Thanks to my 36 inch inseam…30 when I was 13, 32 when I was 15, 34 when I was 16-17… I only remember because I spent hours looking for the jeans that fit!)
  3. I did some modeling.
  4. I did some ballet.
  5. I did some boxing.
  6. I did some archery.
  7. I was a rainbow for halloween once, also an Ace of Hearts, a clown, a witch, Jason (the killer I think … never watched those movies)
  8. I once made my little sister cry by singing her a song. When my mom told me to stop making my sister cry, I told her that I was just singing a song. She didn’t believe me.
  9. I once tripped over a garden hose, and I ended up having to get 3 stitches.
  10. I nearly strangled myself riding my bike around our yard, after running into the string swings me and my sisters had left hanging from the tree branches. My dad made us cut the string swings down right after that.
  11. I did a grade 3 oral speech on seals. When it was my turn, I was so nervous I had to ask to be excused. I had to pee. The entire gym waited for me to return and begin my speech.
  12. I was hit by a car. Don’t remember it. The car or the accident.
  13. I once debated with a grade 4 teacher about Jesus, when I was in grade 5.
  14. I used to figure skate and was in a competition. I forgot my dance routine as soon as my music started, and made up the entire routine as the song went on. Needless to say, I didn’t place, but my coach still said I did a good job. (That’s a good coach)
  15. I was once voted “Most Artistic”
  16. I was once voted “Most likely to get rich”


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