I write this post in memory of my friend, William Bleach aka Bill Bleach.

William BleachBill, RIP… Miss you my friend.

I miss him a lot because he was one of those people that had been there through me through a really hard time in my life. I had lived in a women’s shelter for a few months. When that happened to me, I lost a lot of my friends. It didn’t matter though that those people were gone from my life… because I gained one awesome person! Bill Bleach.

He was there for me when I stayed there and was very understanding. He understood why I was living there. He understood why I moved to London ON. He understood why I did some of the things that I did. He is one of the very few people in my life that knew every single bit about me. Good or bad. To plainly put it, he just understood me. It is hard to find that sort of thing everyday.

He was the most honest, happiest person I have ever met. He did what he loved and loved what he did. If there is one person I look to for guidance and help every day, it is Bill. I miss him dearly. I sometimes still cry when I think about him. I know he is in a great place because he was just a great person–he deserves to be in a great place!

Now, that I am at school and living in a new city. I am meeting more great people. I wish one day to meet another Bill. One day.

To view his facebook memorial group, click here.

I found out Bill died through this facebook group. I know, not very nice. I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a really, really, really mean joke. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a joke, and I went through a hard time after I knew it was all real. All very surreal.

To read the news article on Bill, click here.

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