April Fool’s Day

So I am the worst for jokes… Last to get the joke and the worst joke teller! Anytime I make someone laugh, it is usually only because I usually fall or trip myself. Trip myself? How you ask? Don’t ask me, I don’t know how it happens either…

But today I am just remembered of how much I miss my family and all the jokes they used to play on me (and the jokes we used to play on each other).

The biggest jokers? I would say Aboriginal people. I know, I know sometimes some Aboriginals look so serious, never smile… That kind of reminds me of my dad: so serious. Yet, my dad was always the first one to play jokes on us, my mom, or his sisters. Yes I have met some pretty funny non-Aboriginals, but seriously… No matter our situation, we are always laughing. I always remember elders telling me, laugh, smile.. laughter is medicine!

I love hearing the stories my Aunties would tell us about my dad when he was younger. Those are some good stories.

I can’t wait until my nephew is older and get to tell him about the stories about his mom and his aunties (including me)!

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