Something I wonder about…

In the Native culture (the way I was raised anyways…because it is different across different nations), I was given Native names. Oddly, I have two. Yes, strange. I am not sure why or how come. I am pretty sure it was because of a life changing event.

However, I know where they come from and what they mean. The thing I sometimes wonder about is where did my “non-native” name come from? I mean, I am pretty sure my last name is French? Or seems like it. Me and my family are not French. So where did it come from?

I know my first name came after ten days of birth of being with out a name (yes, I didn’t have a name until ten days later). As for my middle name, I know where that came from… hands down.

But this is just something I wonder about. Who gave my family their last name and where does it come from?


  1. Yes, but who gave it or who assigned it.. Like where are it's origins? And why not a different name? How did they choose last names? Just some things I wonder about….

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