Secret to Happiness? Just Be Nice!

According to the Globe and Mail, The Secret To Happiness? Just be nice…

Well, I could have told you that! No really, I could have. I do nice things every day, well try to. Whether this be just sharing a piece of information that might help someone with whatever it is that they are doing. Sometimes, just listening and being there for someone. Sometimes just asking how someone is, is a good way to be nice to someone. Really, ask yourself, how many times have you asked someone that is in your life, “How are you today?” and really actually meant it and actually wanted to hear and listen to their answer?

What are some of the ways that you have been able to be nice to someone else that ended up making your day, but most importantly made THAT person’s day? Go ahead share them and it might inspire someone else to be nice to someone else in their own life 😉

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