Kelly Cutrone’s "Normal Gets You Nowhere"

If there is one thing I can say about this book it is this, this book is amazing!

There are several reasons why I like this book. One of them is that this book literally just tells it like it is and nothing is off limits. Everything from sex, to religion, and even the need to help others–No. Matter. What.

Not even the topic of death is removed from discussion in this book. Death–a ceremony of life that is often so looked over and that is so often dismissed as an important part of life, just as much as birth. I recommend you read the book to have a better grasp as to what I am saying. I can only talk about it from my point of view.

Another reason, possibly the major reason, why I enjoyed this book is because she talks about (although very briefly, and probably for good reason: this isn’t a history textbook), the real history behind Thanksgiving. She goes to give this real history in her book in the Holy Daze (Holla, Days Off!) chapter:

But what really happened is that Europeans came over and obliterated this continent’s inhabitants with guns and diseases and then stole their land. The ones they couldn’t kill off, even after hundreds of years of wars, they crowded onto the worst tracts of lands–Indian Reservations [and] “Americans” told the Indians to give up their spiritual practices, from medicine wheels to Sun Dancing, to cut their hair, change their names, and learn English if they wanted to continue to receive subsidies

(To view this quote, go directly to bottom of page 59 to top of page 60 of the book titled “Normal Gets You Nowhere” by Kelly Cutrone. To buy this book, check out

And you know what, this isn’t a lie. It is the plain truth whether non-Natives want to believe it or not.

In that same chapter, she goes on to question why there isn’t a whack load of Natives outside Macy’s protesting this holiday. She provides an entertaining answer: Maybe we are all on the Internet. Certainly made me laugh.

The only thing that I have to say to Kelly Cutrone is that, We do protest or we do fight for change (well, in Canada we do). And yes, we are on the Internet. Not even going trying to lie about that one because look at me, I am here and I am on the Internet. However, we use the Internet for greater things than just games or chat. For example, I write about things that I think are important or issues that need to be addressed. I didn’t expect much from this site when I first began but I have some dedicated readers and even people searching key words/issues like “Shannen’s Dream” or “Indian Smokes.” I give these readers a non-institutional/non-conventional point of view, or more easily put, a perspective from the inside, on issues or topics such as the two previously mentioned.

This is what Kwe Today is all about…Experiences of an Aboriginal female in Canadian Society.

In the end, the book is great for anyone looking for a no-holding back, bold approach of looking at various things in life, whether or not you want to agree with what Kelly Cutrone has to say is up to you. But I think it would be safe to say that even if you didn’t agree with her, it probably wouldn’t really matter to her if you conformed to the rest of society and its views because really… like the book title says “Normal Gets You Nowhere.”

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