Someone I am proud of…

My little sister!

I look up to her… Well, I look up to all my sisters đŸ˜‰ And I am proud of all them… But, my little sister. Her wisdom is wise beyond her years.

Taken from the NAHO Testimonial Role Model Page, she says the following:

The experiences that I have with travelling, youth, meeting new people and being a National Aboriginal Role Model is unimaginable. I now tell everyone that I know, to nominate someone deserving of this recognition and opportunity. However, I would like more individuals to be aware of this program as many Aboriginal people I met, had no idea what the NARMP is and who these 12 youth are.
Being part of this program was more than what I expected, I never thought the NARMP could have given me so much and allowed me to grow as an individual in addition to volunteering and helping out at various events. The NARMP definitely aided in the development of me becoming a better person and I am very grateful for that.

Choosing the 12 new NARMP role models was a great experience because I seen how many youth who are deserving of this opportunity and what NAHO deals with on a regular basis keeping this program in tact and successful. I enjoyed working with other 2009-10 role models in choosing these individuals because I do not see them regularly and probably will have few opportunities to in years to come.

Alicia Sayers, 2009-10 National Aboriginal Role Model

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