Questions you shouldn’t ask a Native (woman)

Questions I have been asked that for some of them I wish wasn’t asked

  1. So, what kind of Native are you? No problem answering this but it usually leads to a slew of questions like the following…
  2. Do you speak Native? Native is not a language.
  3. Are you a Native princess? Note: Does not work as a pick-up line.
  4. Does your family drink? Like, are they alcoholics? No my family does not drink.
  5. Hey baby, want some of THIS peace pipe? And the man asking this is usually grabbing his crotch as I walk by.
  6. Do you have a tax-card? Sure if you want to call it that.
  7. Can you take me shopping with your tax card? As long as you pay for my stuff too.
  8. Did you huff gas as a kid too? Nope. Why, did you?
  9. Do you have a spirit name? Yup it’s running-duck-with-no-wings-in-the-wind-wild-and-over-the-edge-every-time-I’m-asked-this-question.
  10. Do you know how to say your spirit name in your language? Yup it’s running-duck-with-no-wings-in-the-wind-wild-and-over-the-edge-every-time-I’m-asked-this-question.

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