And the winner of the "who receives more press award" is…. Amy Winehouse and Norway Bombing/Shootings

There have been 2 great losses in the world today both occurring in 2 different countries and receiving media coverage.

I remember this past weekend when both events were announced. On twitter, more people said “RIP Amy Winehouse” than the sending out condolences out to families/friends in Norway. Right I get it, both are very tragic and some people even stated that one death should not be more tragic than another as both loses are equally tragic. I get it. I understand.

Apparently, Amy Winehouse Back to Black Album is gaining the #1 spot on iTunes and Amazon. Yes, that is great. (Isn’t it true that you make more money as an artist upon death–sadly but yup) Also, her dad is announcing a foundation in her honor which is even more wonderful.

Now for Norway. Even though the original number of deaths was 90+, is now lowered to somewhere like 70 some. Tragic. Yes. But what irks me about this situation is that you don’t ever read about the children lost or their families, friends, etc. Okay, well maybe you do but maybe one or two lines here and there. What you DO read about is whatever-his-name-Christian-white-guy.

You read about things likes: He blamed Islam. He blamed Muslims. He might be insane. He might “not be all there.” So, it’s not all his own fault–but still any of the articles that I read never said “It’s not Islam or Muslim fault anymore….”

Also, you read about things like: He has his reasons and is able to explain this. He is white. He is Christian. And what’s worse is that, he is charged with committing acts of terrorism and potentially acts against humanity, yet never labelled as a “Christian Terrorist” or “The White Terrorist.” So who is apparently #1 in the Norway situation? whatever-his-name-Christian-white-guy.

So three things I learned about this situation:

  1. A famous person makes a bigger name for themselves after death
  2. If you are white and Christian, you can’t be a terrorist
  3. The press will write how they see fit even if that means allowing one particular ethnic group to be put in a negative spotlight.

It is sad to see that Amy Winehouse made a bigger name for herself after her death. It is even more sad that this person is making a name for himself because of the deaths he caused.

Condolences go out to both families and friends of those lost in both tragic situations but can we please get this Norway bombing/shooting killer’s face out of the press…I’m sick and tired of seeing it.

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