Something I found that I thought was cool or at least neat were the “Suzuki Elders”.

I thought this was neat because in the Aboriginal culture our elders are crucial to our younger generation’s knowledge about our own culture, history, and traditions.

With the Suzuki Elders, the website notes that:

Elders have always played a critical role in society as the repository of collective experience, knowledge and history of a community.

The difference I find between the Suzuki Elders and the Aboriginal Elders is the way they are involved, scientifically and through research, with the Suzuki foundation. When it comes to Aboriginal Elders (I am not sure if these Suzuki Elders are “Aboriginal Elders” per se), but they are in different in a sense that Aboriginal Elders mostly are limited in their availability. Suzuki Elders are available at the click-of-the-mouse. Not that either group is more superior than the other, it just happens to be the way the two operate and the fact that they do things differently based on their experiences, knowledge, and way of life.

I just thought this was neat (the discovery of the Suzuki Elders) and thought I would share their blog with the rest of my readers as I appreciated a lot of the topics that happened to be archived in the Elders’ blog. Some of the topics include Happiness Comes at a Price where the post talks about the overuse of natural resources such as oil, gas, etc. and the price we are paying with this overuse.

As I said earlier, just thought I’d share something with the rest of my readers. Check it out because Elders (Aboriginal Elders and Suzuki Elders) rock!

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