Expo 2012

Eeeeek! I can’t believe I read this article in the Globe and Mail. The article is titled “Canada can’t afford to attend Expo 2012 in South Korea, Heritage Minister says”

I read this last week and I was immediately thinking WTF! Really, WTF. Okay, I get it though. The expos are not top priority but why wouldn’t Canada be a top spot for visitors at the expo? I mean we have a lot more to share with the rest of world other than Cirque De Soleil show up? Is Cirque De Soleil even part of Canada heritage? I am not totally sure.

What is this 2012 Expo all about or how does it differ from other international events: regular every day people can attend the expo. As the ExpoMuseum site reads,

world’s fairs are unique in that the everyday person can experience them firsthand, not just athletes or politicians.

Previous expos were held in 1967 in Montreal and then again in 1986 in Vancouver. The first one being held in London 1851 at the Crystal Palace. I wonder if anyone could attend back then? Or were they just first-class citizen events only? Times have changed since the first one and a lot has changed in Canada since the first one back in 1967. I mean Aboriginals only won the right to vote 7 years earlier.

I got to thinking even more and thought that there is a lot of great items to showcase and feature at an international event. I couldn’t believe that the rest of the world isn’t interested because of their “shallow understanding.” The article reads,

“The shallow understanding of Canada, of Canadians and what is unique about Canada hinders top-of-mind interest in visiting the Canadian pavilion,” the report said.

I think the only shallow thing here is declining the invitation and perhaps the only people who have a shallow understanding of Canada are those that choose to decline it. Thanks, Canada you show your understanding and class so well. Maybe we can make another “Heritage Commercial” that shows Canadians declining an invitation to this event.

You can read another related article here titled “Liberals Blast Tories For Skipping Expo 2012 in South Korea.”

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