Touch The Pen

A new historical statement I learned over the summer and have since read a few books that mentioned this statement several times:

Touch the pen.

What does this statement mean? Well, it basically signifies the act of signing of a treaty long ago. The treaties between the Canadian government and the First Nations chiefs.

I never knew this happened. I thought the signing of a single “X” was bad enough. Now I have recently learned that the chiefs didn’t even sign the “X” they just touched the top of the pen while the government official signed the “X” for the chief. Yeah, I didn’t think it could have gotten worse but this whole “touch the pen” bit makes this signing of the treaties a whole lot worse.

The chiefs were granted many things from the government officials but a lot of those things have been taken away or the chiefs and their people taken advantage of. It makes me very frustrated and angry that I only learned about these historical events now. Not during history class. Not in a history textbook.

It’s a shame that the true Canadian history is never told. That needs to change.

I am trying to find out more about Canada’s true history and reading as much as I can related to this history because certainly the education system can’t even get it right. Like I said before, I like learning but I hate education.

More about “Touch the pen” (Yes it is an American document but the same happened in Canada. It is a shame)

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