Sick to my stomach

Today has been a roller coaster ride for me. My stomach has ended up in knots several times already and the day is not even done. **Must. Remember. To. Breathe.**

I made the wrong decision to open up a link in my classroom today. Bad idea. It was a link to, an online forum for my home town. On it today was a post by an individual who posted something rather racist. You can view that HERE.

Ideas and thoughts like those are because of lack of education, experience and just straight up ignorance.

Anyways, it was a bad decision to open it up and read it because I knew what I was going to read. This is not the first time I have read something like this from this site. In fact, I read posts like this so much and even responses to posts like this that just made me so sick to my stomach that I just stopped going to this site. That was back in high school. 10 years ago. Today, it still has not change.

I took a look at the membership guidelines and it is clear that this individual has not read those guidelines but then again who really does? I mean I will admit that I have joined many things without reading those guidelines but be it with common sense, I know that posting anything hateful, discriminatory, racist is usually against any membership guideline. However, the site does a “nice” job of protecting itself from responsibility by stating that

Considering the real-time nature of this community, it is impossible for The Soonet Bulletin Board System’s Staff and Volunteers to review all messages or confirm the validity of information. Vianet Internet Solutions and any of the Vianet Internet Solutions family of companies, and affiliates do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message.

No offense but if it keeps happening over and over again, just take the site down. This site isn’t a forum for sharing or a forum for enlightenment. It just a forum that breeds hate and allows one to share their racist ideologies and gain support.


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