Impossible is an opinion…

“Impossible isn’t a fact. It is an opinion….when my father looks possible in the eye and defeats it again and again, what do you think I am going to do when they say women shouldn’t box?”

Laila Ali. My idol. When I first saw her box, she won TKO on the 2nd round out of 14. I remember that day too. My dad was watching the television. I walked by, saw the fight, and stopped. I knew right then and there I wanted to get into that ring and wear the same shorts she did. Pink. I tried my hardest to find a gym that would train girls or allow girls ring time. It was really hard. I was about 14 years old. Both me and my 2 sisters. It was fun to have them there. I mean, we were the only girls so the only way we could get into the ring was with each other (yeah, Sayers’ girls in the ring sparring against each other!!!)

The boxing helped me to deal with the boys and girls at school who teased me. It was a way to get my frustrations out. Then when I was in the car accident, I obtained an acquired brain injury. I learned I couldn’t box anymore. Well, they said I couldn’t get in the ring but I still wanted to train. I kept up with the running. The running helped a lot. It helped to clear my head. It helped me to get away. Like when I was in the ring.

To all those people that ever said to me or even thought to themselves, “she will never make it…”, I just stand tall and remember that impossible is an opinion but it won’t be my opinion.

I may not be able to get into that ring anymore and wear pink satin boxing shorts and have pink boxing gloves, but there is a bigger world to conquer….and must remember,

Impossible is nothing.

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