CITE THE DIFFERENCE: Harper and Harper, 2 Honorary Chiefs

Stephen Harper PMO

Accomplishments (for lack of a better word)

  • Truth in Sentencing Act
  • Crime Bill 2011
  • Third Party Management sent to Attawapiskat
  • Proposed private property ownership of First Nations Land
  • Proposed Third Party Management of Education Funding (circa 2008)
  • Submitted a Residential School Apology
  • Admitted to foreign countries that there was no history of colonialism in Canada

Elijah Harper

Accomplishments (as taken from his website)

  • Elected chief of the Red Sucker Lake Indian Band (now Red Sucker Lake First Nation) at age 29.
  • Appointed to cabinet as Minister Without Portfolio Responsible for Native Affairs and later as Minister of Northern Affairs.
  • Blocked the Canadian constitutional amendment known as the Meech Lake Accord for “lack of adequate participation and recognition of Aboriginal people in that process.”
  • Won the Stanley Knowles Humanitarian Award (the same presented to Nelson Mandela of South Africa.)
  • Voted as the Newsmaker of the Year in Canada for 1990 by the Canadian Press.
  • In 1990, the Red Sucker Lake First Nation bestowed him the title of Honourary Chief for Life.

For more on Elijah Harper, please visit his website.

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