Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Sorry didn’t this post earlier.

Today I remember as a young person at one point in elementary school, I attempted to read my mom’s 300 some page book titled “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.” Like many of her other books, including Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, I made up more than much of what was on the pages. Little did I know that the story I was pretending to read was a true story about ONE of the massive killings committed against North America’s Indigenous peoples. I never knew about this incident until high school when I asked my mom to use her book for a book report. She said sure but my teacher said no (my teacher also said no to my second pick that recalled the author’s residential school experiences).  I never learned about this event in school, and what I know I read/taught myself (which isn’t very much).

So today I remember an act of genocide committed against North America’s Indigenous Peoples in Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Remembering Wounded Knee.

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