London Occupy Movement

Recently there was an event on income disparity in London ON. I chose not to go for 2 reasons:

  1. I had final exams
  2. I did not see any use in going to listen to people in suits speak on income disparity

Sure the work that is being done to raise awareness on income disparity is awesome. However, I can empathize with the last sentence of the article that I read today talking about the event highlighting income disparity.

The article reads, “Some also carried placard saying the Citizens Panel does not represent them.” Read the rest of the article HERE.

It was a nice event to have presenter’s in their suits and ties talking about income disparity. That is not the only thing I am upset about this event. It is because I saw an entire group of people within this city once supported and praised within the news but as soon as their fired died out and where was the support? That group being the occupy group of protesters (in the beginning anyways). Perhaps events like these are a way to keep that fire alive.

Keep in mind that when we speak of income disparity or social injustices, we must remember the intersection of race, gender, and class. Not just research reports and research findings.

Just as Bridget Todd says, “These attempts to bring race into the conversations taking place at various occupations are integral, as racial injustice and economic injustice go hand in hand.” To not talk about those intersecting factors is to forget about the main causes. Really, we can force all the tax breaks in the world on corporations but nothing will explain away discrimination, racism, etc.

To put it a bit in perspective, there is often a presentation of the example of non-Aboriginal researchers claim to help Aboriginal peoples when they “study” them. I am not saying that this is related to Aboriginal people or Indigenous issues but it is just to equate to another example to sort of put it in perspective. I am not speaking on behalf of the London Occupy Movement but in terms of my own interpretation of it. Perhaps it is ignorant or a bit blind sided. It is like those with the resources are the ones who are the knights in shining armour. If we just continue to talk about people who face social injustices/income disparity without really talking TO THEM then what good is the work that is being done?

At the end of it all, I am excited about the other events that follow this one. Check them out HERE.

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