Be a part of this wonderful new journey with me!

Hi Everyone,

First things first, Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy New Years! I am writing this letter after completing the first half of my second semester. I am also writing this letter to announce that I have been acclaimed as the Vice-President (Women’s Representative) for the Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission for the Liberal Party of Canada at the Federal level. With this position, I am required to sit on two commissions, the Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission and the Liberal Women’s Commission. While sitting on both commissions, I act as a voice for Indigenous women in Canada. I will help draft any resolutions that are of concern to the state of Indigenous women in Canada.

Some of the items I would like to focus on during my term (2012-2014) are the increased rates of violence experienced by Aboriginal women. Aboriginal women experience violence higher than any other group within Canada. They are also more likely to die because of violent acts committed against them. Unfortunately, Aboriginal women also experience high rates of incarceration. During my studies at the university, I focus on issues that Aboriginal women face (just recently, I had an essay on Aboriginal women’s leadership published by Native Youth Sexual Health Network and Girls Action Foundation). I also had the opportunity to work with a research team that focused on pregnant Aboriginal women and gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). These issues are of great importance for all of Canada, not just Indigenous people. However, I need some help in making the initial part of this journey complete.

On January 13-15, 2012, I am required to attend the Liberal Convention as a delegate and as the candidate for this position. The costs to attend this convention are somewhat high (well at least beyond my student budget). Such costs that are to be incurred by attending this convention are listed below:

• $130 Greyhound bus ticket (2-way London to Ottawa)
• $140/night for 4 nights (hotel to be shared with 3 other delegates in Ottawa)
• $50/day for 4 days (food//incidentals) = $200
• TOTAL: $470 (taxes not included)

I am asking for donations to help out with making this trip. This is by no means a support or a donation to the Liberal Party of Canada. This is an opportunity to help Indigenous women in Canada. I am a candidate that comes from a diverse background, filled with many lived experiences. I hope to create awareness at the federal level so that Indigenous women are no longer ignored in Canada.

Further, I know that many of you are celebrating the holidays and have just spent monies on Holiday/Christmas Cheer and asking for a donation may seem daunting right now. To help breakdown the above total, if just 4 organizations with 10 people donated $10.00, that could cover $400.00 with just $70.00 remaining. You are free to donate what you are able to donate (even if it is just $1.00).

To help make this donation process easier, I set up a paypal account. This is an easy and secure way to donate money. You can click the link below and send money that way (if you have a credit card/pay pal account/bank allows you to send money online–there are costs incurred on your behalf if you use a major credit card).


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this trip or about this role, please do not hesitate to contact me by email For those that wish to speak over the phone, please email me your phone number and I can contact you (especially those who are worried about long-distance charges). Also if you wish to do a plain email money transfer which most major institutions allow with minimal charges, please let me know (email money transfers work the same way as a bank transfer except with an email address–it’s that simple and just as secure).

Please remember that monies received by you are not an endorsement or support for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Once again, Happy Holidays/ Happy New Year!

Thank you/Chi-Miigwetch
Naomi Sayers

Also, unless otherwise stated, your name/organization will be featured on my website and given public recognition for your efforts.

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