The New Residential School System

Just recently I read an article titled “7th Grader Suspended for Saying ‘I Love You’ in Her Language.” Immediately, I am reminded of another article where a teacher’s aid cut off a young First Nations boy’s hair because it was considered “too long.” There were no charges laid because it “wasn’t in the public’s interest” and there were no grounds for criminal charges.

I remember this past weekend I was having a conversation with someone and she made a comment that went like this:

“The education system is the new residential school.”

I wouldn’t doubt it if this type of behaviour continues to happen–cutting their hair and preventing them from speaking their own language? Sounds all too familiar.


One comment

  1. I agree… it's all still about assimilation & general disrespect for Indigenous peoples culture,history etc . Don't see much changing unless & until there's an Indigenous school system. One in which the curriculum is designed by Indigenous Peoples & taught by Indigenous teachers. This is not about race or separation,the mainstream education system fails on so many grounds because it teaches from one perspective .That being a European/settlers /white perspective.

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