Fleming Drive

So I tried my best to stay away from writing about this but I just couldn’t after I read THIS lfpress.com article.

The landlords complaining about being targeted? Honestly, I am thankful for my CURRENT landlord. He is nice, courteous, and even let me in after I locked myself out at 11:30 pm after studying all day at school. I am not as nerdy as I sound. I like to let my hair down once in a while like any other person my age.

How does this relate to Fleming Drive incident? I also used to live on Thurman Circle which is quite close to Fleming Drive. Well, okay, I lived there only for one month. I moved out after I realized that the girls I was living with partied EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yes, that’s right: there was a party on Thurman Circle EVERY SINGLE DAY and not just my house.

Correction! The landlord kicked me out after I complained about these girls who partied every day, and left the house in a mess (like gross, rotten food mess). She said I wasn’t a “good fit.” Oh, I am sorry that I didn’t party every day, leave the house in a mess (like GARBAGE EVERYWHERE), and punch holes in the wall like the other girls. My landlord, before I moved in, told me the girls were “great” and “didn’t party.”

My friend who lived with me responded on my Facebook with this comment to the above link: I know right… they were unbearable… and she didn’t even do anything about the noise level… those kids were super messy too and had very little respect for other peoples property…… by the way did you get an email from the alumni association … apparently they are “trying” to save the image of the school so our reputations arn’t tarnished by it…HA yea right

I did feel bad for my friend, who was completing her last semester there and I suggested she move in with me. I had two semesters left and moved out after my landlord gave me the news. On that St. Paddy’s day, the whole street had a party. Fleming had a party and there were cops there on the street right around noon. I remember seeing the pictures and I remember my friend telling me about it. That was in 2010.

In 2011, the same thing happened.

The police frequented the area when I lived there for the whole month that I did live there. In fact, the police were at my residence (not for me *lol*) a total of two times in 4 weeks and I saw them frequent the area during the day, during the night. In addition to that, the cabbies wouldn’t even drive me into my street if I came home from a night out. Not because I didn’t pay or whatever, but because of their past experience with other people who lived in the area (remember the cabbie being taunted and rocked in his car that one year??).

Partying on St. Paddy’s day isn’t anything new. I don’t know why there was better planning for this area that is KNOWN for partying. Yes, even university students go to party there! Yes, that’s right Western students go there *SMH*

We are not all perfect little angels and when we all point the finger at each other saying “it’s that person’s fault” or “it should be this organization’s fault.” NOTHING and I REPEAT NOTHING gets done.

I noticed that I am reading a lot of “all students should be charged.” You know what, let the police handle that. People have suggested expulsion, suspension, etc. You know what, let the school handle that.

But I will give you my opinion having lived there, having graduated from that school, and with experience of the criminal justice system:
– Let the police do their job
– Let the police handle each case based on the individuals who are charged and on their past criminal record
– Let the police decide who to arrest
– Let the courts decide how to handle those who are charged
– If the school decides expulsion, they should plan to prevent this from happening in the future! Perhaps security in place that lives/monitors the area (oh wait, the police already do that).
– If we all just charge everyone and anyone who is seen in a picture, you have to realize that these young people will be living with a criminal record for the rest of their lives (okay, well except those that receive conditional or absolute discharges). Even if they are charged and sentenced to whatever type of punishment (fines, restitution, probation, etc), they will still be affected by having a criminal record. You want to say “well they deserve to pay!” well let the courts decide that.

But honestly, the last thing I would want is for a bunch of young people with criminal records or suspensions/expulsion from school. That type of punishment affects them in the long run. Will they be able to get a job? Be able to apply to another school? You say that was their decision to commit the crime. Honestly, in the long run, as tax paying citizens, we still have to pay if we all decide to commit to the idea that they should all be charged and expelled from school. When we just give up on our young, good or bad, we give up on our future.

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