Why I got into politics…

Today a press release was distributed by the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC). You can read that full press release HERE.

It is very frustrating to be reading all these press releases after getting involved with politics for the first time in 2010. In 2010, I had the opportunity to meet Chad Cowie, who was the former Youth Rep for the APC and is now the co-chair for the same commission. You can check out more about the APC HERE. He was very enthusiastic about the Liberal Party of Canada and this enthusiasm made me want to get involved with the party. I have since met a wonderful group of individuals who are working very hard to bring about political change at regional, provincial, and federal levels.

When Harper announced his cuts, I clenched my fists and tried to black out this image of him in the Toronto Star:

In 2011, I voted for the first time (yes, that’s right: I voted for the first time). I was kind of bummed with the results, but very proud to say that I voted! I was even more bummed when I learned that my riding might have been affected by the robocalls. That was quite confusing. Then again, I never answer my apartment landline.

Since Harper has been in majority, a lot changes have happened. Much of these changes directly affect First Nations/Metis/Inuit people in Canada. Just to name a few changes here:

These are just a few changes, but there is so much more!

So why did I get involved in politics? What is the whole point of voting especially after the robocall scandal or after these announcements? I get asked similar questions a lot. Some Indigenous people even say that they don’t believe anything the government says or promises, and they have good reasons not too (umm helloooo residential schools, treaties, etc.)! Some even say to that I shouldn’t waste my time. I do sometimes feel like giving up, but I don’t.

I don’t give up because I believe that change can AND will happen. Some of the work that the APC is doing for Aboriginal people in politics and with the Liberal Party of Canada is GREAT! There is so much going on behind the scenes at all times. It is very fulfilling to say that there are good people both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal involved in politics at a federal level that want good things for Canada’s Indigenous populations. When we give up, either as an individual, group, or nation, then we will have given up on future generations. We can all choose the ways in which we want to get involved.

I don’t give up because I want a better future for the next generation. If I give up, then I will have given up on the future! This is why I joined the political world and got involved with the APC. I am not saying that you should join the Liberal Party of Canada, (although I am not saying that you should NOT join the LPC *lol*). From my personal experience, I believe that any sort of involvement at any level of government or an understanding of how the Canadian government works and operates is helpful in understanding the bigger picture. Being involved has helped me to become more aware about how things happen.

However, if you feel that being involved in politics is not going help, that is completely fine too! We all have our own interests. I cannot say that THIS is the only way to get involved and to make change happen but it is one way, and it is a very fulfilling experience. If you want to form a group to raise awareness about a certain issue that is near and dear to your heart, then do it! Just don’t give up. People may question your interests or question your ability/desire to make change happen. Remember that change takes time!

Check out the APC online:

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