Something amazing is going to be happening!!!!

Well today I just finished writing the most brutal exam ever! Social psychology. Professor was great though! If I ever get a chance to have him for a lecture course again, I will most definitely try.

Any whooooo… I have some exciting news! I have an interview tomorrow for First Nations Liaison with the Ethnocultural Support Services. I am kind of nervous (as usual) but will see how it goes tomorrow!

You can check out more on Ethnocultural Support Services HERE.

In other news, I am also developing and coordinating a 2 day empowerment workshop for young Indigenous women! How amazing is that!

I applied to Girls Action Foundation Community Action a while back. I actually hesitated about applying to this on multiple occasions but decided “what they heck have I got to lose?” Nothing! So, within a week (I think or might have been longer…been a while), I got an email saying that my community action has been chosen. I am really excited for this because I love to give back to my community, and the London and Western community has been good to me! Can’t give any enough thanks to both Girls Action Foundation and Native Youth Sexual Health Network! Two rockin’ organizations!

My community action will focus on empowering young Indigenous women (as mentioned before) but also focus on reducing stigma that we as Indigenous women face and also building capacity around opportunities for public education.

If you want to know more about this community action or if you are in London ON this summer and interested in becoming involved or attending, please do email me I will be making posters and stuff after my final exam on May 2!

Be ready, this is going to be amazing 😀

Note: community action/work-shop will be geared toward Indigenous women ages 17-25.

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