Mmmmm coffee makes me feel good but so does…

Hello beautiful and amazing readers!

I am writing this blog post today to say that I am really happy with this new initiative I started on my blog and that is the “buy me a coffee” button! Since starting this, I have received some funds (a huge thank you/chi-miigwetch to one reader). I must say that since I’ve received the funds I have been wondering what to do with some of them (not that I receive a lot but still wondering nonetheless). As a community member, I believe that it is also good to give back to communities that I am located in whether it be locally, regionally, or nationally.

Because what’s better than buying someone a coffee? Supporting fundraising efforts!

So I just wanted to say that in addition to this “buy me a coffee” fund, it will also be a fund where I donate a portion of the monies I receive to organizations or causes that have sought out funds either to groups or individuals in an online setting. I am limiting it to those individuals and organization who raise funds online (and preferably) via paypal since I have already that jazzy stuff set up. If you submit some funds to my “buy me a coffee” efforts, and you would like me to donate to a particular organization/individual that has paypal set up, just let me know via email

Please keep in mind that you do not have to have to have a paypal account to donate.

Thank you/chi-miigwetch for continuing to read and support this blog!

Kwe Today, 
Naomi Sayers

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