Healthy Eating in Da North! Part Deux

As promised, I am writing this post because I would like to share how I am adapting my preferences in eating up here in da north! Last post, I talked about how I found it hard to eat healthy in general. For obvious reasons, the grocery store is about an hour away and also the prices are uber expensive. Plenty of people in the community usually make trips to more “southern” parts of Alberta and try to combine their trips with other purposes which helps a lot with planning meals for their own families.


Being a single person, on my own, I only have to worry about my own mouth.


My first couple of grocery trips cost me approximately $100 as I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I finally made a list on my last $100 grocery trip since I needed to plan more. Some of the things I bought were seasoning and more frozen fruit (remember? I like my fruits albeit fresh, but this will do). I also began to buy my yogurt in bulk especially when it is on sale since it costs about $6 bucks when it is not on sale. I usually buy 3 of these and then freeze 2 of them. Also, don’t forget to check the expiry date on these items. If you notice that the front items are going to expire soon when they are on sale (that’s why they are on sale), reach back further and grab an items with an expiry date that isn’t so soon.


In my adventures up north, one thing I also noticed is the strange pricing behavior when it comes to special-dietary eats (or whatever you call them). What is really mind boggling about the grocery stores up here is the price of tofu and other special-dietary eats is that they tend to be cheaper or equal in pricing in comparison to Southern Ontario (back home). I am loving it and I am beginning to wonder if it is because tofu and other such items are not that “popular” out here.


Aside from the above, another tip: I stock up on canned goods like beans, chickpeas, and sauces (like marinara). I stay away from canned soups and canned pastas since these tend to have a lot of sodium and other bad things for you that make the food taste so yummy! One tip I learned about purchasing canned goods is that if you must buy these items, you can put one can in the fridge and there will be a top layer of grease/fat that you can usually scrap off before you pour it into the pot to cook it (seriously). I don’t know how much this helps since I rarely buy canned soups to begin with but wouldn’t hurt to try it if I had to resort to buying canned soup at some point.


Another thing I am tending to stock up on are chickpeas. With my chickpeas, I usually make a chickpea salad with carrots (veggies that last long), jalapenos, and banana peppers. This is what I like but you can add whatever you like. I think I may add chickpeas to a pot of boiled brown rice and corn one night. I am not sure how good that will taste but I am sure I can make it work 😉 I think I would also like to add beans to that mix which is inspired by this one dish I had at a gathering at my university offered by Indigenous services.


Another meal I would like to try that is also inspired by one of those gatherings is spaghetti squash. This seems like a rather healthy option since it doesn’t even use pasta (something that makes me feel really heavy after eating it which I don’t like). The squash lasts a long time too, and is super cheap compared to whole-wheat pasta. I haven’t made this before but I seen it being made it seemed pretty easy. I shall write another post on that adventure!


Anyways, just a short post for now. 


  1. Do you have days where you cheat? And go for the bag of chips, the slice of pizza or the onion rings?

    1. I try not to because I hate the way junk food makes me feel. Traveling usually gets in the way so sometimes I am left with no choice but to eat processed foods or pizza. A more healthier option for chips, for me, include popcorn, baked pita chips, etc.

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