Be in the moment…

A late night post saved for early morning…

About two weekends ago, it was Canada Day weekend. Last year, I can’t even remember what I was doing for Canada Day (and no, that is not due to consumed liquids). This year, as noted in previous posts, I am out west and quite north…like more north than Garden River, Ontario (and for all my southern Ontario friends, more north than Barrie, Ontario). I am loving every bit of this experience. However, one of the hardest things I am dealing with right now, and since being out here, is missing my family. I missed some milestones in my nephew’s life, missed some family members’ birthdays, and yes, I am missing my best girlfriends back home who are doing their fantastic activist/social justice work! The hardest is that I haven’t even seen my dad since last Christmas. Thankfully, my family understands and they are extremely supportive right now.

Back to Canada Day weekend, I spent Canada Day in Edmonton with some amazing young people who are continuously teaching me to valuable lessons on the daily and this weekend was one of those times to learn a valuable life lesson.

During this adventure, I recall sitting on the bus and taking a moment and thought about back home. My mind wandered over to the thoughts of my family and friends back home in Ontario, how much I missed them, and how I didn’t get to see them, and… I am sure you get the point. I was looking out the window down onto the passing cars. Then, for a brief moment, I looked up and saw the Edmonton skyline, and while looking over to my left, I noticed one of the youth jumping back and forth from one seat to the next. Next, I saw him taking pictures of the skyline from one seat to the next and gasping, “Wow! Look at those buildings!”

Having lived in Toronto, and some major cities, Edmonton, to me, isn’t that big (okay, maybe it is a little big compared to Sault Ste Marie and London). Yet, seeing this one youth being amazed and just loving the views we were seeing from the bus made me realize how important it is to live in the moment that we are in, to be present in all senses, and to be present in thoughts and feelings. And this young man glowed with excitement not just this one time we saw the skyline but each time we saw the skyline. Each time he said, “Will you look at that view!” and each time, I was even more thankful to be in that moment with this young person so amazed and excited by this skyline. In this moment and watching this young person, I was taught the small yet important lesson to be in the moment. 

Next time I am feeling like I am missing home, I will remember this young man and to be in the moment. Our moments in life our only temporary and we should learn to experience them as a whole. Be in the moment! 

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