What is my purpose in life?

Purpose. This word has been rearing it’s cute little face every few days or so now, and it has usually done so in the context of the question, “what is your purpose in life?” Yet, this questions only presents further questions like, what does purpose mean?

Dictionaries define it as “the reason for which something is created and done.”

So what is the reason for my life, me living, me waking up every morning. I am not a mother. I don’t ever want to be and that has been a decision I have made sometime after I turned 16. Years before that, however, I wanted no less than 3 children but no more than 5 children. Today, I am an aunty to my lovely nephew, and I am beginning to realize that mothering comes in the shape of various roles. One of those roles is being the aunty. While I do not plan on having any children (like never, ever), I do plan on being the best aunty that there can be and it really warmed my heart that my mom said she cried while wrapping a present I bought for my nephew’s birthday (that I missed being there in person) back in April before I left for out west! It also really moved me when my sister, my nephew’s mother (obviously), shared with me that my nephew received his birthday card that I sent two weeks ago and he put it up on his dresser in his new room. Moments like these are part of my purpose in life.

While I can’t define my own purpose in life definitely, I can say that I know I will not have regretted anything I have done or experienced in my life! From all the people I have met, to all the memories I have created…oh, the stories I could tell 😉

What is your purpose in life?

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