A Conference Isn’t Just a Conference…

“One of the Desiree Alliance Strategic Committee members and panelists, Attorney Melissa Sontag Broudo, had this to say: ‘The common misconception that people have about sex workers and survivors of trafficking is that all commercial sex is exploitative, and thus, that all sex workers are trafficked. The conflation of sex work and trafficking is immensely problematic in that it presumes numerous facts that are not true, specifically: 1) that all people in the sex industry are cis-gendered women (meaning people who were born biologically as women and also identify as women); 2) that selling sexual acts is inherently demeaning to the person providing the services; 3) that purchasing sex is inherently exploitative or violent; and 4) that solutions or policies that aim to end prostitution should be applicable to end trafficking and vice versa.'”

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