Well, I did it. I wrote the LSATs as of 830am today. Actually, okay it was more like I began writing at 9:00am after all the prep work to begin the test and all the rules you have to listen to and follow. It was pretty intense. I can’t write about what was on the test because that’s against the rules and I could get in some major doo-doo for that. No for real doe. If you want to see what the test is like, go check out one of the practice tests online or a prep-test book from the bookstore (warning: some of them are also expensive if you buy them brand-spankin-new). 

All I have to say is that I wish I started prep work earlier. I did start prep work during the summer but I was working a major hella-busy/awesomo job out west and had to also make sure that was a success because the kids deserved it! If this were a game (because that was a piece of advice I received was to think the test is a game–wtf!), I would have zero points for opening the prep book in June of 2013 even though I bought it in December 2012. Um yeah. My point is don’t wait to start on that LSAT prep, kiddies.

I am keeping my hopes up though. You know, just for sake of keeping my hopes up because I have absolutely no idea how I did. No really doe. No. Idea. Someone suggested that I might want to take a course if I don’t get a good mark. You know how much those things cost? Anywhere from 500+. That’s like rent. No thanks. I will just work harder at prep work…next time. But like I said, keeping my hopes *fingers crossed* so there won’t be a next time. 

From the time I returned back to Ontario and finished reading that huge ass prep-book, and actually got around to doing some tests, it was literally 3-4 weeks away. I tried. I cried. I also swore a lot.

Now is the waiting game on when I actually receive my score back. For now…. I will return back to blogging, studying, and running!

Ps. My brain hurts.

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