Awwww isn’t that sweet, you could have asked Justin (Yes, Mr. Dreamy himself) a question (or maybe two if you are really lucky). But wait…. you had to pay $250.00 at the door (or to get on the list–not entirely sure). But who cares, it’s the man himself: Justin!

Earlier today as I was enjoying myself (and also my yummy burrito that I was devouring in blissfulness since I was craving a yummy burrito all day), I stopped to take a scroll through my twitter feed. I also noticed earlier one of my followers were RTing tweets that talked about Justin and Lady Questions but I did not know what they were talking about and I didn’t delve into their tweets any further. I mean, they could have been talking about an actual lady and didn’t know how to spell Justine (hence, the use of Lady Question along side Justin instead of Justine). Nope. That was not the case.

About a month or so a go an event was created by a group of sweet and innocent event coordinators as outlined in their statement. Don’t miss the part that they were women! organizers

What concerned me about the event was the fact that it was created by an alleged 20 “professional” women along with the fact that it was set to discuss “women’s issues.” The organizers state it themselves, “A fundraiser designed BY women FOR women.” I think what they really mean is a certain type of women. I mean, $250.00 a ticket to discuss women’s issues? Yes, they organizers are correct, this event will motivate and inspire women. Motivate and inspire them to change the ridiculousness that is so prevalent in politics. If you can pay X amount of money, you can be THAT much closer to your leader(s). The organizers also state that “it is a sad day in politics when an innocuous fundraising event be twisted by a highly partisan agenda to distract from the pressing issues the government face.” I am Liberal and (sometimes) I am proud. I don’t agree with everything that all Liberals do indefinitely (but I am certain that many people also can say the same in their support with other parties).

What upsets me is that the space was advertised as a “safe” space and space for women (who could afford the ticket price) to discuss women’s issues. I could careless if it was an NDP or CPC fundraising event. I would still be upset. Sadly, this is something that I can see the CPC party doing. “Oh but we didn’t mean for it to offend.” Let’s get out the fuckin t-shirts and start the screen printing tomorrow!

This space for this event speaks to the most pressing issue that women face across the country: lack of access to security, safety, justice, health, etc. (just ask any Indigenous woman). But hey, here is a novel idea: Let’s make things more inaccessible by charging $250.00 to hear what they have to say!

One of the organizers even goes on to tweet,

Picture 4

Get a grip! Yes all you hooting and hollering over their evite that was set out exactly what it meant to do! All of you are reading way too into it. You all should have been in attendance instead of complaining about the evite (you can’t complaign about the event yourself because you probably didn’t attend the event)! But only if you are truly curious though, like the organizer says, then you should have been there tonight. Tsk tsk for all of you who couldn’t make it. You were just not that curious. But that shouldn’t matter because, like I said, they accomplished what they wanted to do. So, let’s just all ignore the fact that many women at the centre of these pressing issues can’t even have their own voices heard.

So ladies, like one of the organizers says herself, you should just all Get. Over. It. and let this type of behaviour go unnoticed and unchallenged because, I mean, how did we, as women, get this far in life by keeping our mouths shut, and not speaking out against such atrocious behaviour (even it comes from one of our own). Another woman can never act in such a way against all women. Nope. Definitely not. Women are too pure and innocent to do such things. Shame on you womens for complaining about another group of women trying to do good!

Maybe they can get 10 points for stealing from the Obama campaign materials with the use of Warhol-esque type edits of Justin’s noggin. Maybe.

And maybe we should also give these cheeky, lighthearted do-gooders a pat on the shoulder (if you can afford it) for doing such a good job at organizing and promoting a fundraising event that excludes many. Hey! It wasn’t their intent to offend anyone! All is forgiven.

 Oh, before I forget, where was my evite to this Justin Unplugged event? I mean, I would have really, really liked to be plugged into Justin.

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