Dear every white, hetero, able-bodied male,

Dear every white, hetero, abled-bodied male,

If you are reading this and you are a white, hetero, able-bodied white male, then you are a pretty special case. So special, that you deserve your own little shout out. Ya, for privilege!

It seems that I am having a problem with you lately. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. You know, being female and all, it must be me. No really, it must be.

But I just can’t shake it.

No matter what the discussion, you always seem to rear your little white, hetero, head (with your able-bodied attached to it of course). Even discussions around certain topics that you seem you think your opinion is valuable. I mean, it must be valuable if you, Mister white, hetero, abled-bodied male, are speaking on it; your opinion is the only one that is valuablememe

Frankly, I have had enough of it. Fa realz.

Education? But, you have more of it. Employment? Duh! You have the most employment experience so that makes you, Mister white, hetero, able-bodied male, an expert on the topic. Gender? Well, you’re a male. So, of course, your opinion is more valuable! Screw the females, you say, no really, let’s screw the females… literally! Racism? You think your experiences matter more. They must. Sexism? Well, not all males are sexist, and you’re walking/living fuckin proof not all males are sexist.


Because if there is one male that can speak for all males, it’s you! And if there is one person who can give an opinion on any topic, it’s you! Mister White, Heterosexual, Able-bodied Male with all your living/breathing privilege. You and your opinions matter more than anyone else in the world, and thus, you must be included in the discussion.

So from all places and spaces you have been excluded from, I apologize.



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