2013 was the year that…

Well 2013 was the year that I didn’t write a “Happy New Year!” or “Yay! It’s 2013!” post. I barely remember New Years last year. I was in Toronto and had dinner at the Keg with my sisters but anything after that I don’t really recall and not for reasons you might think. The first few months of 2013 were all quite a blur actually. I was still grieving the lost of my best friend’s life from the previous August. It was tough. I almost failed my quantitative research methods. Well, not actually failed but almost did not maintain my place in the honors specialization in criminology program. I know I am hard on myself especially when it comes to my grades. But I did it! Phew!

Last year was also the year I won some awards/scholarships, and I continued to volunteer at Indigenous Services on campus. Volunteering and helping out Indigenous peers is actually one of my favourite things. From seeing friends complete another year, to seeing first years come by the center for the first time (or even fourth years come by to the center for the first time). From my first year at Western, the number of Indigenous students at the center has significantly increased and it makes me really happy just thinking about it. Indigenous Services has been integral to my success on campus. So when I see new Indigenous students come to the center for the first time, I know that they will also receive the same kind of help I received and be successful in all that they do! I ended up doing scholarship workshops for some of the students who wanted help or advice. One peer that I actually helped with her scholarship application emailed me to let me know she will be applying to med school and wanted to say thanks for the presentation I did on applying for scholarships. Very thoughtful and made me appreciate the time that I am able to help others.

One of my papers was used in two course packs at two separate institutions. Pretty fuckin rad! I also ended up doing two paper presentations, one at Western and the other at Wilfred Laurier (Brantford Campus). I was also asked by an exceptional person to sit on an Idle No More panel along side some spectacular folks at the Kings University Campus.


2013 was the year I met a lot of great people. I applied to the Alberta’s Future Leaders program. Randomly. I didn’t plan on applying to the program and I remember seeing the poster as I was working on an essay (or maybe I was studying… again, blur). I just remember seeing that the deadline was that day and I ended up putting together my resume and cover letter and sending it off. The coordinators emailed for an interview time to be done via phone and I ended up being interviewed in March sometime. Then come April, I heard back from them as I was doing the paper presentation at Western University. I had to scramble to get a criminal background check and my first aid and CRP while at the same time studying for my finals. The coordinators told me the training began on April 29. My last final exam was on the 29. So they were really accommodating and I ended up flying out at 7am on the 30. This was also one of the best experiences of 2013 with a lot of great people and experiences. So, I lived out west all summer and made some great friendships lasting beyond those summer months.


When I returned to Ontario, I was eager to get back to school. This year is my final year at Western. I ended up taking the LSATs, and applying to one of my top choices in schools. I received a lot of help with this and am thankful for being able to have that help. Many thanks/miigs JF!

For my Christmas break home, I am elated by the fact that I didn’t have any full year courses this past term. This means that I actually had my first real Christmas break–no essays to worry about that are due in January when I return or chapters to read (well I will have to read some articles before I start classes January 6). It just felt really good to just relax, play, dance, and sing with my nephew, and meet my newborn niece!


So 2013 was the year that I grieved the loss of a friendship, made new friendships, made plenty of unforgettable memories, and learned from myself and others… 2013 was a great year! Thanks/miigs to all those I have met along the way and that were apart of 2013 with me!


  1. And thank-you for blogging about it! Love reading this blog! Your optimism is contagious. Great way to see the world through the eyes of a fierce Indigenous Feminist!

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