Hi all! 

I know it’s been a while since I actually wrote a post that updated you all on other things going on in my life. Just want to say that a lot of good things have happened since my last personal post. I will be officially (like official, official!) going to UOttawa in the Fall which I am super ecstatic about. My previous posts about my law school journey, including this one where I wrote about that I dreamt I was going to UOttawa… 

“I had 2 weird dreams. One I was going to U of Ottawa but there was a lot of obstacles. It is one of the schools I want to apply too.”

This was a note from my personal journal in 2012–two years later, I am going to UOttawa! I will admit that there has definitely been A HECK OF A LOT of obstacles (so many tears)! I am so fortunate for this experience (both the good and bad). This is one of the schools/places that I wanted to be! No matter what! 

But anywhooo, I am happy to be home and surrounded by family and love! It always feels good to return home. 

You can also check out a new tab I added to kwetoday.com which lists all my previous speaking engagements and if you are interested or know someone who is interested in having me speak/present, send this information to them! *wink wink* 

Love you all and don’t forget that you are all amazing! 

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