Thank you

This is just a short post to say thank you to all those who supported me throughout the past year. It was a challenging one. Plenty of tears and laughter shared among new friends and old. To my friends in London, thank you for being so supportive in my journey to where I am today. To my new friends in Ottawa, I can’t wait to do some amazing work with you all!  And to my family, who continue to support me with everything that I do, thank you! Without you, I am nothing.

Thank to all those individuals who reached out and asked me help with a project, an event or to speak at an event. Thank you to those outlets that asked me to author a piece. Thank you to those individuals who got my foot in the door.

To those individuals who had no knowledge about sex work, thank you for reaching out and asking for more information on how you can help. We can use more of you. Continue to reach out and ask how you can help (hint: donations to your local sex work organization or the closest sex work organization usually helps).

To all the sex workers, sex work organizations, allies, activists, lawyers, researchers, journalists, politicians… just too many to name: thank you for all your help in the fight to decriminalize sex work! The fight didn’t end in January 2014 when c-36 was introduced and it certainly didn’t end in December 2014.

And #sexwork twitter? Thank you, and keep being badass!

To all the sex workers that continue to work in the face of danger, with decreased safety networks and who continue to support each other, I want you to know that you are all strong, resilient beautiful human beings. No abusive and violent law can take that away from you. Stay beautiful, stay strong, and most importantly, stay safe.

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