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Hello readers, 

Approximately 5 years ago, I created a blog and decided to name the blog “kwetoday.” Kwe means woman in my traditional language, Anishnabemowin. As you know, I frequently write about feminist issues and sometimes I respond to issues in Canadian media. More specifically, I write about issues relating to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, sex work, human trafficking, and my personal experiences in sex work, law school, and in general, my crazy adventures in life. My writings from this blog have been used in many courses at universities across Canada (generally, at no cost to the people using the writings) and many people from all around the world read my writing.

Since creating the blog, I have used the same laptop—a trusty Mac (so old that they don’t make the kind I own  anymore). Over these years, I have had to replace my screen, battery or power adapter/cord. Right now, I am requesting help to raise funds to help purchase a new laptop. 

To help raise these funds, I created an indiegogo campaign. Contributing to this campaign will allow me to continue to write at Moreover, by contributing to the campaign, you will also help me to continue to organize with other activists and leaders in indigenous feminist and sex work communities. Much of the organizing in these communities takes place online via social media (Facebook) or other online gathering places (google hangout, skype). Because my current laptop is so old, I am limited to when and where I can assist with organizing in these communities (I cannot open google hangout or skype on my current laptop and Facebook conversations crash my browser). So, not only will your contributions help support, but your contributions will also help me to continue to assist the communities I write about and assist the communities I represent.
You can also donate directly via email (if you have my email). If you want to use email money transfer and do not have my email, please leave a comment below with your email and I will reply directly to your comment via email. All comments must be approved before they are posted. 

Note: Any funds that are raised above the desired goal will be donated to an organization providing support to families of MMIWG2S (missing and murdered Indigenous women/girls/two-spirited).

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