top 10 posts in 2015 on

Well, the year is almost over and that means… it’s time for top 10 posts of 2015 on!

  1. Our bodies are not terra nullius (where Erin Konsmo’s work inspired the title of this post)
  2. Public issues vs. private troubles (to all first year sociology/criminology students who google “examples of public issues vs. private troubles” … you’re welcome)
  3. the tl;dr version and the long version: Dear Chris Hedges (it is entertaining how the antis now rely on some white dude to help advance their cause… very … how do you say it? saviour-y-ish…just saying)
  4. #MMIW: A critique of Serene Razack’s piece exploring the trial of Pamela George (a post I wrote last year which also receives the strangest comments/hate replies lol)
  5. Dear Minister Wilson-Raybould  (my open letter to the new Justice Minister, who is also a badass Indigenous woman)
  6. The problem with restorative justice (this one, oddly, makes the list … again)
  7. A Book Review: The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill (who I had sign one of his books that I own this past year…also, I recommend this book and any other book by him basically)
  8. Amnesty International and its support for the human rights of sex workers (thank you to Sarah Beamish who provided her knowledge and expertise in drafting this post)
  9. Canada’s anti-prostitution laws: a method for social control (also, this receives the top request to use in course books in universities across Canada…thank you!)
  10. Cindy Gladue: I want to think about the ways that do not rely on the criminal (in)justice system to feel safe (this along with no. 9 are cited in “The criminalization of sexual commerce in Canada: context and concepts for critical analysis” by Jacqueline M. Davies at Queen’s University)

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