actual tips for (#uottawa) #lawstudents

So, a while ago, I wrote a somewhat not-so-real “slash” real post on 10 tips for law students. You can take what you want from that post.

And this post? This post is a follow-up to that post with actual real fuckin tips.

  1. Read the academic regulations for your law school (uottawa folks)
  2. Read your school’s policy and regulations (because sometimes there are rules for your faculty, like uottawa)
  3. Read what is required of your degree/program and pay attention to any deadlines (uottawa folks)
  4. Read about cool options for your degree/program (uottawa folks)
  5. Read your course syllabus and talk to your professor about any specific questions

A lot of the above is pretty much common sense or self-explanatory.

However, if there is any one specific recommendation I would give to future law students or incoming law students, it would be review in detail the academic regulations as well as the policy and regulations. These are basically your rights as a student, the process and procedures attached to said rights and what your professor can or cannot do if there is any changes made throughout the term–and your rights when your professor does propose any changes. And, in case you are wondering about how important these rules are, you will learn that some of the cases in your administrative law class examines and interrogates cases involving law students such as yourself who choose to exercise their rights. It looks like a lot of information and it is. But trust me, review it, know it and help your fellow law school peers understand these policies and procedures if you can.

Also, know who your students’ rights person is and where they are located (uottawa folks).

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