New blog!


As you know, I’ve stopped writing in this space for some time. I did have a tinyletter but apparently, and according to the company that owns tinyletter, it is going to undergo some changes in the next year or so. And, well, now I have decided to write more in my new blog! The link is here. Yes, you will have to sign up. I apologize in advance for those folks who don’t enjoy signing up for anything … I’m one of them. However, if you have been a long time follower (or maybe you are new but you still know what’s up), I’ve had to change how public I am to lessen the various kinds of violence I experience in my real life. I am sad about this change because writing here, and publicly elsewhere, brought a lot of hope for change and change for the better. Sadly, with being so public, there also comes the downfall of being so public. More attention, good and bad. If and when you do sign up, you may (at most) receive a newsletter that tells you when I published a post. Most updates will be posted to my social media, here. I am removing all links to the tinyletter in an effort to have folks sign up there and instead of me having to tell folks to go there. I guess my new blog was a good thing (sort of). Either way, catch me over here!

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