Afghan women and girls

Something interesting….

Here is something interesting that I read today in the London Free Press: the article titled “Canada pledges aid for Afghan women.”

This is interesting to me because since Harper won the last election there has been many drastic changes within Canada. Among those drastic changes were some that directly affected Aboriginal organizations across Canada, and many, if not all, Aboriginal communities across Canada.

Here is a list of blog posts taken directly from Dr. Carolyn Bennett, who is the Aboriginal Affairs critic, amongst many other awesome things.

*If there is going to be any one article of the above just listed, I suggest you check out the last one mentioned.

While referencing the original article listed above, there was a question about whether or not the international governments should help Afghan women and girls? Sure why not!

The only thing that I am upset about with Canada helping women and girls is that they will not help the Aboriginal groups back home, especially Aboriginal women and girls! Why is the government investing in millions when they just cut millions that negatively affect the most disadvantage group in Canada!

Among those budget cuts, there was no mention of funding for post-secondary education for Aboriginal peoples, or no mention of funding for housing for Aboriginal peoples/communities, no mention of new investments in health. What is most alarming is that there has been no help or mention of assistance to finding the over 600 missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada or helping their families!

All I have to say is WHAT.THE.FUCK Harper!

Help home first!