Body Image

Ashley Madison’s Body Image Issues

No offense Ashley Madison, not everyone likes a “toothpick/bony/size 2” woman. I can attest to this because I am not a toothpick, bony, size **ahem** 6 woman….anymore.

I am only 25 years old. Not that old but not exactly the young bouncy 20 year old some men fantasize about. Yeah, I said it (I have met some men and blatantly asked them why they would hang out at a bar or a venue where women much younger than themselves frequent, sometimes women **ahem** girls barely legal or illegal, and they outwardly say, “Young is fun.”) Yeah, I vomited in my mouth too.

I vomited after reading the article in the Globe today titled “If your wife’s fat, cheat on her, Ashley Madison ad suggest.”

I used to be skinny. I mean like hip bones sticking out, size A cup, and it was gross. My sisters called me “Long Back” because I had “no ass” aka Indian bum/bannock bum–that butt might be genetics though. I know that some girls can’t help their small size (like I said genetics) but I made sure I looked a certain way. Yup, Little Miss Perfectionist. Go ahead, vomit in your mouth again. However, the “older” I got and the more confident I became with my body. Today, I have “fat days” but that’s okay, I know that I am not “fat” and what anyone else thinks of my body size and weight and dress size doesn’t really bother me. Yet when I see ads like these, it just literally makes me vomit in my mouth and not the finger in my mouth vomit. This. Is. Literally. Sickening. What is sickening is the compare and contrast with a size 2 female; it’s the fact that it’s just another ploy in society to try to put pressure on women, whether they be young, old, curvy, thin, blonde, brunette, red head, etc. etc.

Trust me ladies, if you don’t look like “the other woman” in this ad, doesn’t mean that your man will cheat on you just means you need to find a new man or a new boyfriend! Heck who needs a boyfriend anyways! Whether you are happily married or happily single, embrace yourself, those that love you for YOU in your life won’t feel the need the deceive you or cheat on you. Besides, each man is different and don’t go looking for one who wants you to look a certain way–find one that likes you for you and wouldn’t change anything about you! Size 2 or size 22.