Boil water advisory

Have you seen these ads lately?

Have you seen these ads lately… the ones for the drought crisis in Africa. I mean, that’s pretty serious.

But have you read that 118 First Nations, as of June 30, 2011, have boil water advisories. I mean that’s pretty serious too. Click HERE to read about the boil water advisories affecting Canadian First Nations.

These ads are in Canada being shown to Canadian viewers. I think it’s odd that the website mentioned in the ads state the following:

Millions of people mostly children are in urgent need of food, drinking water and basic sanitation.

Sounds kind of like Canada for those 118 First Nations communities. Except no advertisements on television.

East Africa Drought Crisis — To donate to the Humanitarian Coalition click the link.

State of Emergency v. 2

Here is another example of what goes on in Northern Ontario. All too often. Boil water advisories is what I am referring to. It’s stories like this don’t receive the attention that I believe they should.

Read the story HERE.

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