Chris Bentley

Just another statistic

So Chris Bentley spoke at TedxUWO this past weekend and not too long ago Phil Fontaine spoke at UWO. Both mentioned suicide amongst Aboriginal youth. I wonder when the last time they actually spoke to Aboriginal youth, one on one, and found out what they wanted? Or asked them what the youth thought? Or even asked the youth what they could do to help the youth? Or were these speeches and mentioning of Aboriginal youth and suicide rates just another adult reading numbers prepared by statscan?

Maybe Phil Fontaine may have spoken with Aboriginal youth and suicide survivors but what about Mr. Bentley?

Nevertheless, When was the last time both of them asked a youth: what is working for you (and what isn’t)? Anyone can read a report and speak about, but to reach out to the real people you talk about makes a real difference.

Just a little late night thought.