International Justice Mission Canada

Seek Justice!

Today on my way home, I saw a girl wearing a shirt that read “Seek Justice” on the front and then on the sleeve was this website So out of curiosity, I visited the site.

I found something very interesting and something that I am happy to have “accidentally” come across this site. Not happy in sense that what I read was “good light” reading but rather introduced to a bit of information when it comes to what goes on in other parts of the world especially when it concerns other young people (I knew that such items/topics/issues that this site discuss occurred but to read about the work being done and stories of success brought to me a level with a bit more awareness)

I found this article and this job posting on the site:

  • Powerful brothel owner arrested
  • administrative assistant job opening in London ON.

    See what a little healthy curiosity can do? Check out the site yourself!