Life on the Reserve

Documentary: Aboriginal Today

Today, I decided to write a post about some of the documentaries that are being made, have been made, and some that I have seen. I believe that this is one positive way to make the rest of the world, not just Canada, aware of the living conditions that Aboriginals live in and some of the positive work that Aboriginals are doing today. This is also why I started this blog: to help rid of the old stereotypes and to try to write about my experiences as a young Aboriginal female today… whether the experiences are positive or negative. I want people to become aware of the situations that Aboriginals still face today, even though many still believe that Aboriginals receive “too much” help or should not receive any “help” at all. I beg to differ–this “help” isn’t to make Aboriginals and their living conditions “better” than the rest of Canada but the assistance and programs and work being done to better the lives of Aboriginals today, is to put them on a more equal footing. We need to work together to help make everyone’s lives here on Planet Earth more enjoyable not just for one group of people, but for everyone part of the Human Race.

Here is a list of the posts that feature the trailers of documentaries worth watching:

Documentary: Life on The Reserve

Check out the website of this documentary titled Life On The Reserve.

I recently wrote a post on how someone said to me living on a reserve is just like living on any other community. It is not. This is a real documentary people. These stories are real. This is not made up. Read my post on the short story I created titled My Hometown. Like I say in the story, I was lucky. It shouldn’t have to be like this for anyone in Canada. PERIOD.