Lisa Charleyboy


Please check out the article titled Western Med Grad Aims To Be a Native Role Model!

This an Aboriginal female, Samantha Boshart, doing amazing things and giving back to the community. In the best possible way ever!

This is just one example of Aboriginal women doing amazing things in the greater community…

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  1. Lisa Charleyboy
  2. Lynzii Taibossigai
  3. Jess Yess


Since finals are literally less than a week away for me… I am going to be taking a break until April 26 (day after my last final) from writing any posts. In the mean time, check out these websites written/created/maintained by other Aboriginal/Indigenous females 🙂

  1. These are my moccasins
  2. Urban Native Girl Stuff
  3. Indigenous Nationhood

In the mean time … stay smiling 😉

International Women’s Day

Sorry for the late International Women’s Day post!

I had no idea what to write today for International women’s day. Yes, I know it’s officially over, but I still had to write something to celebrate it.

I love being a female. Most importantly, I love being an Aboriginal female. I write this post in dedication to the women, whether Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal, who I have met in my life (and those I have yet to meet).

I did write about three Aboriginal female who I think are great role models and great individuals that anyone could look up to, whether Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal

Check out their posts below:

International Women’s Day: Lisa Charleyboy

A fellow blogger at Urban Native Girl Stuff.

I think she is a great role model for young Aboriginal women, everywhere…Just like Jessica Yee, Lynzii Taibossigai (see posts below).

I have not had the opportunity to meet Lisa Charleyboy… yet! I am sure one day in my journey… She seems like a cool, up-beat, positive, well-spoken Aboriginal female–just like the two other Aboriginal females I shared with you for International Women’s Day.

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