Little Miss Kwe

Kwe Today!

Well, decided to do a quick, more permanent, name change 😉 Why the name change you ask? Well, I wanted to get rid of the “Little” from the blog name, and that left me with “Miss Kwe”. Personally, I just didn’t like the way that sounded.

It took sometime to figure out what I wanted the domain name to be, but I eventually figured it out. I choose “Kwe Today!” because

  1. I am an Aboriginal female (“Kwe” translates to “girl”, “woman”, or “female” in my Ojibwe language). “Kwe” is pronounced “qu-way”.
  2. The word “Today!” comes from me writing about my experiences as an Aboriginal female living in Canadian society… well, Today!

PS. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated…Oh, and happy reading!

Little Miss Kwe

So the other day someone said, “I saw your blog, it said ‘qu-we.'”

For those that don’t know, I am Aboriginal. More specifically I am Three Fires. Even more specifically, Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatomi. But I learned to speak three different dialects of Ojibwe back in elementary school and high school. I didn’t learn much beyond animals, numbers, places, directions, some actions which is one of the multigenerational effects of Residential schools: loss of language–as Aboriginal children weren’t allowed to speak their native tongue (if they did, they were severely punished).

One of the things I do remember being taught is that “Kwe” means “Woman” or “Lady.” Yes, there are different spellings and I am going off the spelling I was taught in elementary school by my favourite teacher: Mrs. Naogizic (whose name I forget how to spell, sorry!)

I don’t know why I chose “Little Miss Kwe” as my blog name. I guess I wanted it to have some sort of Aboriginal vibe to it. But in truth, I think it sounds nice… Little Miss Kwe. (Oh and “Kwe” is pronounced “q’way.”)

I figured I would write about this and share with it since someone already thought it said “qu-we” (and this person actually pronounced the “we” as the actual English word “we”). Not their fault, but I corrected them. “We” in Ojibwe is pronounced “way.” I guess that sums it up with what I am really trying to say.