People’s magazine

What Is Beauty?

Here is a picture of a lingerie advertisement I saw while visiting Toronto last weekend. I choose to take a picture of it and choose to share it with my readers because the moment I saw this I shouted: THAT’S beauty!

Beauty isn’t about being skinny. I battled with an eating disorder for about 10 years and body image issues. Trust me, even when I was my skinniest, I didn’t think I was beautiful and I still wasn’t even the happiest being that skinny.

Beauty isn’t about being physically attractive. Even the most beautiful people can do the most ugliest things. I remember Judge Judy (yes I am quoting Judge Judy…) said this: Just because it has a pretty face, doesn’t mean it is nice.

Beauty isn’t about being the best looking. There is always someone better looking than the best looking (and if there wasn’t People’s magazine wouldn’t have a new face for the 100 Most Beautiful People issue).

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin–no matter what size you are. Beauty is helping others no matter their situation. Beauty is living life and smiling no matter your own situation. Beauty is being humble.

That is what beauty is to me. Now tell me, what is beauty to you?