John Thibault

On my blog, I am choosing to write about Aboriginal youth! I am not writing about them in a bad way but in a “good way!” I have chosen to profile an Aboriginal youth at least once a month on my blog. I posted it on my FB but no responses. I had to reach out to an Aboriginal youth who I thought was making positive changes in his life.

This December I am featuring John Thibault. Click HERE for his FB page! I have known him for a long time. I know that the journey he has been on has been a long one for a person his age. I want him and other young people to know that people are watching youth and everything that youth do!

He replied to my request to let me feature him on my blog and he said this about himself:

He is doing REAL good! Off drugs and alcohol free! Finding himself spiritually. He has been working on training and working towards a win in UFC style fighting. He has told me has been asked to train with real UFC pro fighters and is working on moving out of his city of Sault Ste Marie. He has been smudging, going to sweats, and having pipe ceremonies. He asks for help and advice during his spiritual ceremonies. He wants to be a “warrior” like his ancestors once were and continues to push himself 100%.

I believe that he is doing a great job. I look up to him after he shared with me his story. I want to get back to my culture and definitely practice it more. I believe it will help me on my journey.

Just have to say: Great job John! I know it’s hard work but in the end it is all worth it!