tax exemption

Six Nations Press Release

$1.2 billion in INAC Funding will be cut down to $750 million.

Above is a Six Nations press release dated March 2, 2011.

I like to highlight the point that Chief Montour makes at the end, and it is this:

I’ve always maintained that money appropriated by Parliament for the use and
benefit of Indians is Indian money because

our communities do contribute to the tax base of


I don’t know who is spreading rumours about Natives not paying taxes or that the money we receive is all “White man’s money.” This statement (Although as biased as the stereotypes of Natives not paying taxes), just supports that. I hope people start believing that Natives do not get everything for free.

I get everything for free!

NOT! I don’t get everything for free. It comes with a price. Not even a real price. Read my post titled Tax Exemption.

In that post, I discuss some of my shopping adventures and the best place to shop in London, Ontario if you want to declare tax exemption for all my fellow Aboriginal readers.

There is this misconception that Natives “get everything for free” or that we “don’t pay taxes… ever.” Who ever is spreading these misconceptions I would like to speak with them, whether they are Native or not. Don’t believe them! Stop right now. Get those ideas and misconceptions out of your head.

I pay taxes and I am a full-blooded aka status Native. Yes, I receive tax-exemption benefits, but only on products and services located off the reserve, and only because I have my status–which some Natives don’t have. I only receive this right when I have my reserve address for some businesses too–hmmm just another reason to keeping Indians on the reserve.

If you have a problem with this tax-exemption status, then maybe you can write to the government that Natives shouldn’t be allowed to have tax-exemption status. You say the government will never listen, don’t worry most Natives come across this problem to when they fight to maintain their rights. So maybe you should ask yourself, what are you fighting for? That you don’t agree with our rights? Time to re-think that argument of yours.

Hmmm, next time you think that Natives “get everything for free” or that “we don’t pay taxes”… Think again. I dread tax season just like you. I get a GST/HST/what-ST cheque too! That means I PAY TAXES TOO!